Foundation for Korean Language & Culture in USA

FKLAC aims to enhance the understanding and status of the Korean language,
culture, and history by opening and expanding Korean acquisition language courses in
the elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States. In addition to educating
Korean-Americans about their heritage and identity, our mission is to contribute to
multiethnic and multicultural American society by globalizing the Korean language and

Major History



Founding of the Committee for SAT 2 Korean
Registered in the California Secretary of State (Committee for SAT 2 Korean)



Inauguration of FKLAC
Created the SAT 2 Korean Subject Test



Led the first CBEST preparation class
Hosted the Children’s Music Festival to fundraise for the SAT 2 Korean Subject Test (Co-hosted by KTE Korean Broadcasting in Americas)



Changed the name from Committee for SAT 2 Korean to Foundation for SAT 2 Korean
5th KBS Overseas Korean Award The first SAT 2 Korean Subject Test was conducted (2,400 students took the test, 96 test sites, resulting in an average score of 631 points)



The 1st Middle and High School Korean Teacher Training Seminar



First time selecting Korean teacher applicants for full scholarships



The 1st U.S. Education Executive Team Training in Korea (Hanyang University)



$11,000 donation to the Korean School Association (SAT 2 Korean Subject Test preparation class)



Hosted the first scholarship award ceremony (84 scholarship recipients selected)
Led the first SAT 2 Korean Subject Test preparation class



Published SAT 2 Korean Subject Test preparation book



Published SAT 2 Korean Subject Test preparation book



Published Dynamic Korean 1
Trained Korean language teachers in LA



Hosted the first CSET Korean Workshop
Published Dynamic Korean 2
Led a cost-free SAT 2 Korean Subject Test Preparation workshop to participants in New York and New Jersey
Hosted and led Korean Language Training for Korean language teachers followed by a ceremony – Gratitude Night in LA



Published Dynamic Korean 3



Essay, Korean design, K-POP contest
K-POP contest for high school Students



Signed an MOU with Kyunghee University



Hosted the 20th-Anniversary celebration of the creation of the SAT Korean Subject test
In 2015, all training courses in Korea were canceled due to MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)


Hosted a cost-free CBEST Writing preparation class for future educators
Organized mentoring sessions for new language teachers



Started the Epic Korean textbook publishing business (2 years expected)
Received presidential merit recognition in the areas of the Korean language development to commemorate the 572th anniversary of Hangeul Day hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea



Hosted KLAC 25th Anniversary Gala (Taglyan Complex)
Publication of FKLAC 25th Anniversary Message



Short-term training for Korean language class teachers
All training courses in Korea canceled due to COVID-19.



Publication of Epic Korean, a Korean textbook, in American schools (production period: 3 years)
All training courses in Korea canceled due to COVID-19.

Programs and Activities

Middle and High School Korean Textbook Publication and Research


Dynamic Korean Series

Dynamic Korean was in its planning phase in 2005, and the first volume was published in July 2009. The third and final volume was published in 2011. Dynamic Korean is used as the core Korean language curriculum for World Language Korean courses in many secondary schools across the United States.

Epic Korean Series

Three authors, selected through a series of six stages, started the production of the Epic Korean Series in March 2018. They completed and published the series in 2021. Epic Korean was created in accordance with the National Standards for Foreign Language of Learning in the U.S. by the California Department of Education and ACTFL.

SAT subject Korean

As a group that registered for the SAT Korean Subject test in 1995, FKLAC published a total of five prep materials/texts.

FKLAC is currently planning AP Korean while establishing Korean dual immersion classes and World language courses in the elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States.


The foundation’s main project is to create AP Korean, while establishing, maintaining, and supporting Korean language courses. Since the founding of the FKLAC, the foundation has taken the lead in starting Korean immersion classes and language acquisition courses over to more than 200 schools. The number of newly established Korean language classes that recently signed a MOUs (including LA, San Diego, and Las Vegas) is as follows:

-Signed MOU for new Korean class in 2018: 4 schools
-Signed MOU for new Korean class in 2019: 4 schools
-Signed MOU for new Korean class in 2020: 8 schools

Secondary School Korean Language Textbook Publication and Research

LABO Korea was founded in 1973, and FKLAC has been working with the program since 2006. They have been working in collaboration with Myongji University, Kyunghee University, Ewha Women’s University, and George Mason University in Korea. Every year, 30 to 40 outstanding secondary students enrolled in the Korean classes across the nation are selected through an essay contest to participate in a three-week summer program in Korea.

American Education Administrator Training Program in Korea

As part of a project to promote the establishment and expansion of Korean language courses in the US, FKLAC annually invites the principals and superintendents of schools to Korea to promote Korean language classes. We also invite and provide a 9-day educational training program to district leadership teams. This program is part of a project to raise awareness of Korea to school administrators, induce interest and support for Korean language education, and ultimately promote the establishment and expansion of Korean language classes.

Korean Language Teacher Training Program in Korea

Since 1999, KLAC has been conducting training programs for interested Korean language instructors to experience the Korean culture, society, politics, and economy. Korean language instructors are invited to these training programs to gain more knowledge of the Korean language and culture. Since 2016, this program has been available to educators bi-annually.

Local Winter Training for Korean Language Teachers

Since 2005, the winter training has been attended by 50 to 60 Korean language teachers from different parts of the United States every year. This special opportunity provides practical educational materials to help language instructors to maintain a strong Korean language program.

Supported and Led the CSET Korean Test Preparation Workshop

The CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers) is a required assessment used to verify a language teacher’s mastery of the language skills/content. FKLAC supports prospective K-12 teachers teaching other subjects to expand their subject areas and open Korean classes.

Mentoring New Teachers

FKLAC operates a mentoring program every year for newly-hired Korean secondary teachers. FKLAC supports new Korean teachers by hosting workshops led by experienced teachers and providing various content for maintaining quality Korean language courses. These contents include authentic resources, comprehensive curriculum materials, engaging activities, effective strategies for teaching the Korean language, and creative ways to promote quality Korean language courses.

SAT 2 Korean Language Preparation Class (discontinued)

Since the College Board suspended all SAT 2 Subject Tests in January 2021, the SAT Korean Subject Test preparation class has been suspended. It plans to develop a new program to prepare our Korean language learners for 21st-century language acquisition requirements.

Korean Class Opening Status

Board of Directors

Welcome to the FKLAC Community, a current-generation diaspora “Think Tank” of King Sejong the Great! King Sejong the Great created Hangeul so that people could communicate. Writing used to be taught and passed on through paper, but now we can communicate the internet since we are in the present. Explore the FKLAC website. You can get various interesting, informative, and enjoyable information related to the Korean language. Students can learn through virtual learning centers, parents can learn about paths their children can reach, teachers can learn in programs for sustainable self-improvement, and administrators can learn about structured plans to help students and teachers alike. Go on the FKLAC website and grow and prosper with us!

Monica C. Ryoo, M.D.
President of FKLAC

Executive Committee

Monica C. Ryoo, M.D.

Jung Sup Kim, Ph.D.
Vice President

William Kil
Vice President

Misook Park
Vice President

Kyung-Soo Kim

Senior Advisor

Mahn Youn Jo

Ailee Moon, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Byung Jhung

Jounghye Rhi

Benedict Pac

Mary Kay Park, Ph. D.

Sandra Soo-yon Song, Ed.D.

Sulja Warnick

Hyunjoo P. Kwon, Ed.D.

Jae Eun Yoon

Jane Shen

Diana Kim

Sarah Kim

Unis Choi

Nancy Hong, Ed.D.


Deborah Mijin Lee
Executive Director

Esther Woo
IT Technician

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