Korean Class Establishment & Expansion at K-12

The Foundation offers various kinds of support for the establishment and expansion of Korean language education at middle and high schools throughout the United States.

For example, the foundation provides: (1) financial and other support for starting and expanding Korean language classes; (2) Korean language and cultural instructional materials; (3) scholarships for students in Korean classes; (4) Summer Programs in Korea for American middle and high school educators; (5) Summer Programs in Korea for students in Korean language classes; (6) sponsorships for Korean class field trips and cultural events; and (7) recruitment and training of Korean language teachers.

Through various programs and activities, the Foundation aims to promote the status and use of Korean as a world language and better understanding of the history, culture, and society of the Korean people and Korean-Americans.

Since 1996, the foundation has put a great effort into establishing Korean language classes in America. As a result, the following numbers of schools are currently offering the Korean language classes (as of fall semester 2011): 4 schools in Arizona, 47 schools in California (44 in Southern California, 3 in Northern California), 1 school in Connecticut, 3 schools in Georgia, 1 school in Hawaii, 1 in Illinois, 1 in Maryland, 1 in Michigan, 2 in New Jersey, 11 in New York, 1 in Virginia, 2 in Washington (total 75 K-12 schools for over 10,000 students)