2018 Korean Language Class Scholarship and Summer Program for Students
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2018.03.29 09:12

Korean Education Center in Los Angeles and Foundation for Korean Language and Culture in USA (FKLAC), would like to inform outstanding Korean language class students to participate in ‘2018 Korean Language Class Student Scholarship and Summer Program in Korea’.

1. Purpose
To award and to encourage outstanding students learning Korean language and culture

2. Eligibility
Students between 6-11th grade (from Middle and High School), who attended schoolat least 4 years in the United States, and must be enrolled in Korean language classes (must include a recommendation from student’s Korean language teacher)

3. Selection Criteria
- Student must have attended school at least 4 years in the United States
- Currently enrolled in Korean language class at your school
- Currently GPA for Korean class is above 3.0
- A great interest in learning Korean language and culture

4. Scholarship Award Category:
- Hangul Grand Scholarship (1st Place) :Certificate + Scholarship of $250
     * If you are a high school student, you can choose between Summer Program in Korea (from July 4 to July 20, Participation Fee of $500) and Scholarship of $250 
- King Sejong’s Scholarship (2nd Place) :Certificate + Scholarship of $200
- Hunminjeongeum Scholarship (3rd Place):Certificate + Scholarship of $100 

5. Selecting Process Criteria:
- Korean language class grade (based on Fall 2017/Spring 2018)
- Essay (Korean or English; English essay must include at least 1 paragraph of Korean)
- A recommendation from Korean teacher
- Number of years of Korean language education 

6. Required Documents
- Application form: inquire your Korean teacher, or download from KECLA website (
- A recommendation letter from Korean language teacher (use the form provided)
- An essay: it must be double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, and MAX. 2 pages,
- Parent/Guardian Agreement Form (only for the high school applicants who wish to participate for the Summer Program in Korea)

7. Deadlines and Submissions 
- Must submit by visiting office or via mail post marked by April 27, 2018 (no email)
- Submit to : Korean Education Centers in your area (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Honolulu)

Please refer to the attached file for details.

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