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2015 Dr. Jaisohn Video Contest
조회 : 6,512
admin | 트랙백
2015.10.14 06:25
Genres: Short film, documentary, animation, music video, etc.
Video/UCC Themes: Any aspect of Dr. Jaisohn’s legacies—such as, but not limited to, the first American citizen of Korean descent, the first Korean American with a medical degree, freedom fighter against Japan’s colonial regime, a staunch advocate of democracy in Korea, publisher of the first newspaper in Korea, advocate of women’s rights in Korea, role model for Korean Americans, etc.
Submission period: September 1-November 10, 2015
Announcement of winners: December 1, 2015
Best Video/UCC-1st place: $500
Best Video/UCC-2nd place: $300
Best Video/UCC-3rd place: $200
Criteria of evaluation:
Accuracy and usefulness of information 40%
Creativity 30%
Quality of video and its content 20%
Number of YouTube views (measured by the automatic count by YouTube, as of 1 p.m. November 15, 2015 Eastern Time ) 10%
Who can apply: Any individual or group anywhere in the world (except for those participating in the separate video contest for Korean school students)
How to apply:Upload your video/UCC to Youtube
Download the entry form from
Send it to
·         Length and video resolution of the video/UCC: any length up to 5 minutes.
·         Language: English, Korean, or both. If the video is produced in any other language, an English subtitle is required.
·         The Phillip Jaisohn Foundation will have the right to post, print, publish or otherwise use the contest submissions free of charge.
·         Any legal issues concerning portrait rights or copyright violations arising from a video/UCC submission are solely the legal responsibility of the contestant. 
·         Video/UCC contents must be original, and contestants must have directly participated in the making of the contents. 
·         Questions? Email: